Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Well it's been a while...again. Since I posted last Josh has left and returned for and from his first year of college. We went over to College Station a few times to observe some of his Corps of Cadets ceremonies and Corps promotion/graduation ceremony. I tell you, every time I watch all those kids form up I'm truly impressed! Candice has graduated high school, Cum Laud, and she's off to A&M to start her freshman year in Business Admin majoring in marketing. She's a very bright shining star in the Cranek gene pool to be sure. Of course so are all my kids. =) Little David, not so little now, has completed his Eagle Scout project and me being the Armadillo district Eagle Board Chairman, had the honor of signing my son's Eagle Application. Proud moments indeed. Thomas will be the next one. I have all the confidence we'll be able to get him there. Although very busy, and often times short on time and money, life is good.

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