Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Clear Reason

Well, here we are again, defending our American culture against those who would squander all that was given to us under the guise of not wanting to offend someone. Good ol' New York and their P.C. police are defending an elementary school principal's active act of douche baggery. To proclaim Lee Greenwood's song "Proud To Be An American" may offend other cultures, and that the kindergarteners are unable to grasp the songs meaning is both ludicrous and offensive in itself. And to give more heart burn from this egregious story, the Department of Education agrees with the alleged "principal". This affirms my belief that those folks in New York deserve what they get since they keep voting these kind of, ahem, people, into office and/or positions of authority. My friends, we had better stay vigilant and keep a wary eye open for this kind of douche baggery to make its way into our wonderful state because this is another clear reason why New York is in the state it's in.

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