Monday, June 11, 2012

Heroic Father

I just read this story about the father in Shiner Texas who literally beat a child molester to death with his bare hands after he heard his daughter screaming in the barn and caught the animal in the act of sexually assaulting his little girl. I say little because that's exactly what she is, four years old. Now as you can expect, us Texans are all of a single mind, well 99 percent of us anyway, that the father did the right thing. So this fathers day, say a prayer for the family. Pray the little girl recovers from this psychologically and that the race baiting P.C. police from DC or a boot licking DA from Austin doesn't decide to prosecute this father who did what any of us would have done had we came upon such a vile act. One piece of comfort though, I doubt there's a jury in Texas that would convict the father, even in Austin. I plan to have some great Shiner beer this father's day and I will raise it in toast and honor of the man who protected his little girl and gave her the closure she will need to end her personal nightmare. Protect them father, protect them.

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