Sunday, December 6, 2009


So there we were, cruzing down the road heading toward Enchanted Rock in the hill country of grand ol' Texas. I look up at the thermometer on my mirror to see that the temp is a meager 35 degrees and falling. My sons and the other two boy scouts riding with me chuckle and laugh that kind of laugh that reveals gidiness and the OMG I can't believe we're camping in this stuff!

After we arrived, checked in with the park rangers, and found our camp site we got the boys to break out their gear and set camp. We made a fire and hung out a while then hit the sack. We knew it was going to be very cold because the forecast was snow but we never thought it would get down to 16! Holy crap was it cold! No snow though, just iced tents in the morning.

Saturday we get up, break camp after the tents thawed, and back packed all our gear a few miles to Buzzard's Roost. Now I haven't back packed in like FOREVER, but I did ok. The most impressive part was our youngest scout Kirin, at only 12 that young'un packed all his gear, that included food and water mind you, all the way up there with Not One Word of complaint. His new nick name is Iron Scout Kirin, that boy earned a lot of respect this weekend.

The next night was cold but not as severe. We had a few noctirnal visitors that managed to get into a couple boys trash since they failed to tie it up in the trees; live and learn boys. We hiked a summit trail that is covered with milky quartz all over, kind of like natures hard snow, very pretty.

So we made it through the night, broke camp eventually and back packed back to base camp and made it home. What a great weekend! One of my sons, David, an avid video gamer even made the comment, "man this weekend was way better than sitting around playing video games!" Yes indeed son, it certainly was.

I'm proud of the troop I'm priveliged enough to be one of the scoutmasters of, and I'm doubly proud of my sons. Watching them grow into young men, leading others,and teaching the younger boys their skills. Whether or not they earn the coveted Eagle Scout award, I'll always be proud of their accomplishments. But rest assured, they'll all three make it. Of this I am certain.

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