Friday, December 18, 2009

The New Job...

Well believe it or not it has been 5 months already since I left Mama Boeing for this new gig in Civil Service. It is truly hard to believe time has flown that quickly. Although I do miss being around aircraft still, I have managed to adjust to the regular hours and weekends, no freezing outside when its cold and the opposite when its hot. Yes, I miss aircraft but I don't miss the BS that is inhernt and inexplicably married to the career field.

Anyway, that being said, today I was recognized in front of the entire squdron I work with for my part in developing the new and first official web site for basic military training for the US Air Force. I got a neat little certificate and a commander's coin that is pretty cool. Although it might not sound like much, I wasn't really expecting any recognition anyway and I feel it's pretty cool since I'm still pretty much a new face around the halls of the 737 Training Sipport Squadron.

Oh, I have also become a semi-published author being that my new job enables me to write news letter articles aimed toward the drill instructors to help them improve their game and become more professional. So that's kinda neat too.

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