Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well we went to Austin for Thanksgiving and visited the in-laws. We had a great time hanging out and feasting all the excellent food! The ccompany was good as always, there were many great conversations, and the Cowboys won so all was well in the world! We really don't get up to Austin often enough, but I'm hoping with the new job that will change.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, much too quickly I might add, the Christmas tree is up and it's time to get those outside lights up and burning. Although they're a pain to set-up, they are a labor of love. What is Christmas without the twinling lights and ceerful tunes that cause us to whistle along and reminisce of days gone by and loved ones we wish were still among us.

Today Angela and I went out and started out Christmas shopping for the kids. I always like watching their faces as they open their gifts. I even found some 5.56 ammo for one of my rifles, made me happy although Ang had to give me the expected eye roll.

Time to go for now, home made chicken soup is calling and I cannot refuse.    

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