Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Potential Eagle Scout

Well it looks like my oldest son is inching closer toward completing his Eagle Scout project. I couldn't be more proud of him for even attempting the often times daunting task. Before we arrived to this stage of his Boy Scout career I knew the process would be difficult, but once undertaken I have a new found respect for those who have actually completed this process and have been awarded the coveted Eagle SCout rank/badge!

The good thing about him kocking it out is the next two will be easier once we make it through the myriad of bureaucratic mazes and phases (yep, even in the scouts). I tell you it's like putting together a business plan/proposal. At least he was lucky enough to receive full funding for his project.

What is he actually going to do you ask? He is going to renovate the church's bar-b-que pavillion (replace torn tin roof panels, cut a wall and hinge it so it can fold down into a serving table; paint the pavillion), build a new picnic table, and finally, build a patio using paving stones. If all goes well it should be accomplished in two weekends.

The kicker is though, we first have to get through the Scout Board with their approval for the project and their blessing on his (required) very detailed plan/proposal with before and after pictures, hours spent per volunteer that helps, and a bunch of other information they want to know.

Wish him luck my friends!

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