Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama's baby, or Bend Over America Here It Comes

The health care debate rages on, even though America is growing tired of hearing about it continuously. I must admit, I find myself tiring of the constant debate and squabble. But in spite of the creeping malaise, we must remain diligent and persevere because we cannot leave this issue to those who would force us into a thing that harms our country and includes reprimanding our citizenry for not following the (communist) party line. Ok, that might have sounded a bit severe but the fact remains the “public” policy is socialistic in nature and reality. Why don’t our “law makers” focus on insurance reform instead of trying to tie 16 percent of our country’s GDP to a boondoggle that will only harm the US?

With that said, I have attached an opinion piece from FOX News that addresses the issue and brings forth some valid and relevant points. It’s a short read, really. Thanks for listening.

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