Friday, January 29, 2010


As I sit here listening to some J. Geils Band and some Joe Walsh reminising I figured I'd write a little about our scouting camp out last weekend at Bear Creek. But before I do ya have to look up "Musta got lost" by J. Geils, the live version, what a great tune!

Anyway, we drove out Friday evening, got there after dark, checked in, and after some skillful trailer manuevering on my part (because we got wrong directions, from an adult scout leader, irony there) we finally got to our camp site. The district always has a Bear Creek camp out in January for its anual "freezerie". Yes, it was cold at night, and Freaking Windy as hell!!! The second night I slept in my truck because I was tired of having my tent blown up around me, HA.

The camp out was a major success for our boys though! I couldn't have been more proud of their combined efforts and performance while out there. They competed very earnestly against about a dozen other troops in various scouting skill events in the morning. Then in the afternoon we had the Iron Chef and Dutch Oven cooking events. The boys came together like a perfect team and their efforts won first prize in the Duch Oven with their Black Forest Cake, and they placed in the Iron Chef for the Cleanliness Award.

The best, and I feel most important, award we discovered they won was the best camp site! The boys lashed some cedar poles together and hung a troop sign on a pole that spanned the two tripods they assembled. Then we placed the U.S. and our troop flag on either side of that for our site entrance. They also lashed another tripod together which held a 5 gallon water jug. The Armadillo District staff was very impressed with their efforsts which as I mentioned, won them first place.

We drove back Sunday in high spirits and celebrated with a stop at McDonald in Kerville. Yeah I know, but they like the place so what the heck. This was an award our troop has never won before but now they know they can and I suspect it won't be the last. 

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